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3 Places Architecture Lovers Need to Visit In Sao Paulo


If you are an architecture lover like me, you will fall in love with Sao Paulo. Just walk around the streets and be delighted by the lines, curves, floors, ceilings, details, which may seem common in the eyes of some, but give inspiration to those like me who are moved by a simple wall or door.

Here are my 3 favourite places that will surely inspire you. 



 1.Ipiranga Palace – Museu do Ipiranga


Ipiranga palace museu do ipiranga


You will be walking around where - apparently - the Brazilian indecency took place in 1822. Nowadays it is a history museum that contains a huge collection of furniture, documents and historically relevant artwork, especially relating to the Brazilian Empire era.


Ipiranga Palace – Museu Do Ipiranga   via: folha uol


The building looks like it came straight from Paris, with its renaissance references and beautiful gardens. The pavements it’s a work of art itself. You won’t regret the visit. 


Ipiranga palace  

 2. Patriarch Square - Praça do Patriarca


One of the oldest squares in São Paulo is surrounded by important buildings in the history of the city, such as the headquarters of the City Hall, the Church of Santo Antonio - the oldest in the city - and the Municipal Theatre, USP Law School, Largo São Francisco and Praça Ramos de Azevedo.


via: guiadasemana

3.Lina Bo Bardi Glass House - Casa de vidro Lina Bo Bardi

The building is an icon of modern Brazilian architecture. Brazilian modernist Architect Lina Bo Bardi designed it in the ’50s.  It used to be her residence - #jealous - but nowadays is a meeting point of artists, architects and intellectuals and always holds art exhibitions.


Lina Bo Bardi Glass House


This is such a fascinating building. To make it even better, it is inside the remains of the Mata Atlantica, the original rain forest surrounding Sao Paulo.


Lina Bo Bardi Glass House


It is my favourite place to escape the concrete jungle and immerse myself in mix of art and nature. If you are lucky, you can even see some monkeys hanging around!


Lina Bo Bardi Glass House


Hope this was helpful!


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