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4 Ways to Have a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

Top Tips to Make Valentines Day Sustainable

valentines day guide guide for sustainable and recycled gifts

Share a little love with the Earth this Valentine’s Day! If you’re still searching for the perfect gift or most relaxing weekend break, here are a few ideas on how you could do it in your most eco-friendly way!

Gift Giving­ – give your Valentine something long-lasting and sustainably sourced this V-day!


A great alternative to sending a plastic-wrapped bouquet is giving a living plant. Space, lifestyle and experience rearing green things need not be an issue thanks to Patch Plants. This London-run company delivers house plants on request across the city. Their website is full of helpful filters for finding the perfect leafy feature for your loved one’s home. The naturally pink and purple-leaved “Gaby is adorable, affordable and right on theme.

recycled plastic bottle pouch by from belo - perfect gift for valentines


One of our From Belo bags would make a fabulous gift for a Valentine passionate about both sustainability and fashion. If you’re keeping it simple, we recommend our colourful Sonia Make-up Pouches, made from recycled plastic. For a grand gesture, our Black Ju Bucket Bag is a versatile gift ideal for the city dweller!


If your Valentine enjoys low-key, practical presents, and still hasn’t got themselves a reusable water bottle, step in with a stainless steel alternative in their favourite colour or pattern. The bright to sleek designs from 24 Bottles would cheer up anyone’s commute or desk space. Several 24 Bottles are also engraved with the amount of CO2 saved from the atmosphere each time it’s filled up. So you can give your significant other little wins whilst saving them plastic and cash every day!


To Wrap it Up – try these recycled and recyclable wrapping ideas


Each year, the UK throws away 227 000 miles of wrapping paper over the Christmas period alone. To combat that this February, make a foray into the range of recycled, recyclable wrapping papers that are out there. Happy Wrap stocks a colourful array online. They also offer another solution to wrapping paper waste, in the form of reusable, “re-giftable” fabric wraps.


For a free alternative, and if you’re partial to reading the paper, wrap your valentine’s present in newspaper pages. Finish with twine; it’s both in keeping with newsprint colours and more sustainable than plastic ribbon. Over-all results have a fun, vintage yet original look.


On the Day and Trips Away – why not celebrate at an eco-hotel or sustainable restaurant this Valentine’s Day?


With sustainable restaurants on the rise, there’s no need to compromise your environmentally friendly lifestyle for the romantic dinner you desire. If you are London based, The Evening Standard’s guide to the city’s best sustainable restaurants has several great suggestions. East London new-comer Cub sounds particularly interesting. The interior is made from reused materials, whilst their food is sourced in an environmentally conscious way.


If you like to eat local and home-grown and are located in one of the 6 British counties that houses a Pig Hotel, why not try one of their restaurants for your Valentine’s Day meal? Food is so much the focus of these English country-side hotels that they prefer to self-describe as “Restaurants with Rooms”. The rooms, however, make them ideal for a quiet weekend escape as well.


Eco-Age has brilliantly summed up their favourite 8 eco-stays in the UK, including the nation’s first-ever fully vegan hotel. In Saorsa, Pitlochry, you can guarantee everything from the dinner you’re being served to the sofa you’re sitting on is animal product free.


If you’re searching for a romantic spa trip with an environmentally friendly twist, The Scarlet should meet your desires. Another one of Eco-Age’s top 8, this eco-hotel and spa lies on Cornwall’s striking north coast. It offers various holistic treatments alongside locally sourced food, plus a chemical-free pool cleaned by natural reeds!


Give Them the Gift of Giving


If you can’t get away this Valentine’s Day and your significant other wants for nothing, give them the gift of giving! The World Wildlife Fund’s long-standing animal adoption program is a great way to support habitat and wildlife conservation, and can easily be done in a loved one’s name.


Alternatively, you can sponsor trees! One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation focussed on global reforestation. They plant 1 tree for every 1USD donated. Alternatively, Treedom allows you to sponsor the planting of a specific tree and track its growth online, as well as how much CO2 it takes out of our atmosphere.


Through Treedom’s Love is in the air package,  you can even sponsor two trees to be planted next to each other, in honour of you and your partner. Your two trees will do good for the Earth alongside each other for many years to come. It’s a beautiful metaphor and a great green gesture!


Have a great day!


With so many sustainable restaurants, getaways and long-lasting gifts to choose from, it’s easier than ever to bring our everyday eco-friendly attitudes along with us for special occasions too. From everyone at From Belo, a very happy sustainable Valentine’s Day to you!

Written by Guest Sustainable Writer Tallulah Hutson from High Variety

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