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A Poem on Kindness

Kindness is key to From Belo's ethos.

Kindness can feed the soul.

Here is a poem written by a wonderful woman who fills our hearts with beating kindness. Nancy Forman we can not thank you enough for sharing such beautiful words with us. Let your soul be nourised with every word that Nancy shares with us. 

What does kindness 
Mean to me ....
Well I think its real love that I see ...
patience and support to you and me ....
willingness to listen to all of we ...
Kind is not to ignore 
Kind is to restore

Compassion, empathy and love ever ever ever more

Nancys collage of kindness 

Kindness is thoughtFULL
Kindness cares
Kindness is giving 
Kindness is truly living
Kind on mind
Kind in heart
Kind in soul
Kind is whole
Being Aware
Showing you care 
Giving of oneself to support another 
Mother, father, stranger, neighbor, coworker, dog, cat, elephant , and human sister and brother

Nancy Forman - The Accessories Think Tank

Can we make the world the ever most kindest then ever before ?
We need this more for our Mother Earth’s core
We need kind in and on our mind 
Leave the not kind behind 

with love from

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  • Your Site (& sight) is inspirational – very moving & hopefully is opening “minds”.
    Looking forward to seeing some bags in the raw! Loved the poem too. Jane with ❤️

    Jane Howson

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