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From Belo brings the Fashion Revolution to New York – 2018

Maria and I have just got back from an amazing but exhausting week at the Independent Handbag Awards, New York – Hosted by the amazing Emily Blumenthal (aka The Handbag Fairy Godmother). We entered this competition with no expectation that we would be finalists. But wow our Sao Paulo bag ended up being selected out of 1500+ applications to sit as finalists in the Conscious Magazine “Most Socially Responsible Handbag” category. Having launched on Kickstarter in October 2017 – this is a win we never expected in our first 8 months of trading.  We didn’t end up winning the trophy – but Maria, myself and Team Belo feel like we have won regardless of a trophy or not!

It's crazy to think this whole journey started 12 years ago when Maria and I met at Sudbury Upper School, Suffolk while she was studying English for a year. We instantly bonded over our love of fashion, having a good giggle and cheese. We get so baffled sometimes how we have managed to turn our long distance friendship into an international business. The best thing is that we still have the same giggles as we did 12 years ago. 

Maria and Char at the Independent Handbag AwardsMaria and I pretending to be Famous at the International Handbag Awards

I think the most momentous moment for us was being able to bring the fashion revolution to such a high platform with other brands who are also trying to change the path/perspective of the fashion industry. The platform included showcasing our Sao Paulo bag (created using fair trade hands and using sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles) at the trade show “Accessories The Show”. The stand was brought together by The Accessories Magazine and allowed our Sao Paulo bag to sit alongside other inspiring brands, some who also stood for the principles of the Fashion Revolution. This enabled us to get inspired by other brands fighting for fair wages and products made of sustainable/recycled materials. 

Our Sao Paulo Bag was a Finalist in the Independent Handbag Awards

During our New York adventures we decided to team up with Just Trade to go on a New York adventure. Just Trade are an amazing jewelry company that brings lots of small groups of artisans around the world together to create fairly paid jewelry. Some of the jewelry is even made from nuts – you wouldn’t even be able to tell – it’s amazing!  To capture this moment Johnny Vacar and Cerce took to the cameras while on our tour of New York. We also caught some snaps of our future collection. Oh Yes! We have a new collection lovely people which will be hitting the UK this Autumn – Such exciting times!  We are so excited to show you…we might just give you a sneaky snippet now.

Maria and I exploring New York City
We teamed up with Just Trade (Check out our necklaces!) for our New York photo shoot.
Our Photography team in New York (next to the Brooklyn Bridge) - So much love! 

 Finally….of course this week was centered around the big event…The Independent Handbag Awards. The night was full of meeting amazing new people, sparkles and also a few bubbles. We were able to meet some of the biggest names in the accessories business and also some of the future biggest names/talent. The night may not of been our winning night oh my goodness – it certainly has made Team Belo excited for the future. Just even having recognition for the work we are doing is incredible. Thank you to everyone who supported us and I hope you enjoy the photos of the event – we wish you could have joined us on our expedition to bring the Fashion Revolution to New York.


With Love From

Belo Bags - Finalist in the independant handbag awards 2018 

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