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From Belo's Ethical and Fairtrade recommended list!

Top 10 Fair Trade Brands to Watch

It’s time to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight! We love Fairtrade but we want to know what does Fairtrade mean to you!?

Fairtrade Fortnight - From Belo

From Belo are currently in the middle of a two week massive celebration Fairtrade Fortnight with the fabulous Ethical Hour. 

Here at From Belo HQ, we don’t like to think of ourselves as show offs, but we are pretty proud of standing by our ethics to pay fair wages to all our workers.  We also are helping the homeless and in need with every purchase.

It’s pretty tempting as a start-up fashion company to take the easy route and not consider fairtrade as an option. This is why we decided to celebrate some of our favourite ethical/sustainable and fairtrade companies, schemes, bloggers ect out there.

Have a peak through and you might find something new, something interesting, something beautiful and something that just blows your mind!

Toiletries - Liz Earle

liz earle cosmetics natural sustainable - From Belo

My chemistry geek chic friend shared the horror story of how companies put plastics…I KNOW PLASTICS in your toiletries. It baffles me why this is a thing!

It was time to find something new – it was time to discover Liz Earle. Good ‘ol Liz created a natural selection of toiletry products and makeup. Unfortunately, good old Liz has retired from the company now, but not only did she leave her name she also left her ethics behind as well (YIPPEE!). 

The best bit is that all the Liz Earle products smell so herbally and wonderful too!

Perfume - Waters and Wild

Perfume waters and wild - From 

Natural award-winning scents crafted and created in possibly one of the cutest coastal villages in Ireland. Their ingredients are locally sourced as possible and natural! Their natural fresh scents make you feel like you're in the Irish wilderness even if you are exploring the concrete jungle! 


Gold Jewellery -  Julia Thompson

julia thomson ethical handmade jewellery - From Belo

Fairtrade gold - Win!
Beautiful/Creative designs - Win! 
Do I need to say more? Well, what makes Julias's beautiful jewellery even more astounding is she works to create a sustainable company who believe in trying to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Check out her courses where you can even learn to make fairtrade jewellery yourself - when we get a spare moment we'd love to sign up! 

Know The Origin

Know the origin - From Belo

Know the Origin of your clothes. This company not only has my perfect LBD, but also offers you the transparency of the labour that goes into their production from their fairtrade cotton production to the ethically sourced labour to create their pieces. We love this company for their ethics as well as their stylish, classy designed clothing. 

Decorate Your Home: Boho Homes

Boho Homes London - From Belo

Boho Homes is full to the brim of creative, unique, handmade furnishings to make your home look beautiful. Each piece is unique and even better more consciously created.

Boho Homes trades with social enterprises and skilled artisans from around the world ensuring they implement their ethos of fairtrade standards and using sustainably sourced materials where possible.

This is definitely a company that will make your home look good, you feel good and purchasing their products help you do good in the world! Our favourite item is their boutique cushions as featured above! 

Shoes – Veja

Veja Shoes - From Belo

Another Brazilian/European love story - similar to ours! Brazilian/French team creating beautiful plimsoles, shoes and trainers manufactured from fairtrade cotton, sustainably sourced rubber, sustainably sourced leather.

They also are proud to use an ethical workforce and believe in transparency! We love the honesty of this brand - we hope we can grow to be like them one day! 

Eyewear- Peep Eyewear:
Peep Eyewear - From Belo

Hold up – If you love vintage styled eyewear and want something a bit unique and different you need to get involved with Peep Eyewear.

We have just discovered Peep Eyewear and we are very excited! This start-up company located in Leicester.  They have refurbished vintage sunglasses into a definite centrepiece for your outfit. What makes this company even more delightful is that refurbish each item individually making each pair of glasses a unique masterpiece.

Bloggers: Tolly & Jade & Love30


Love Thirty fashion, bloggers plus30 - from

These ladies are the definition of female empowerment! Two best friends that work together to create an amazing blog full of fashion, stories of successful females and friendship – what more do you want!?

Our favourite regular feature is the monthly female empowerment interview – celebrating those grafting ladies of the world!


Tolly Dolly Posh blogger fashion ethical - From Belo

Tolly's ethical fashion blog is full of ethical fashion inspiration. She may be 17 years of age, but her blog is packed full of wise words and a mantra of positivity. 

Our favourite features are her ethical black book including top-notch ethical retailers and her pen to paper series - which allows brands, people that she interviews to get creative! Have a cheeky peek to discover new & exciting brands.

Mumbling Matra:

Mumbling Matra - From

Aka Jade. New on the ethical blogging scene, but a great hit to find all things natural tied in with some tips on how to love your self and empowering articles. If you are feeling a bit weary, Jade's blog is a great pick me up!

Magazines: Natural Mumma

Natural Mumma Magazine - From Belo

Get your fix on ethical, sustainable and fairtrade fashion monthly! This magazine is a wonderful handbook for an insight into the world of ethical, sustainable and fair trade fashion. The only downside is that you’ll be wanting to spend more pennies!

Find your bag and join the From Belo Family!

With love from

Belo Logo- From Belo



**Please note that all photos are sourced from the brand whose website we have posted underneath. We understand we are not the photographs or wish to be mistaken for the photographers. All photography rights belong to the owners of the websites beneath the photos.

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