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Come Party like a Brazilian – Belo Horizonte

The rumours are true.

We Brazilians do know how to party!

From Belo love any excuse to celebrate, go out with friends and get sassy on the dance floor.

If you're planning on visiting my home city Belo Horizonte, please don’t feel lost at where to go. I’ve put together my favourite places in Belo Horizonte so you can party like a local.

Before you even start to party in my city you need to be able to say Belo Horizonte like a local. We call the city BH (bayh ah-gah). Secondly, you need to know BH is the bar capital Brazil. We have a famous saying in BH “we don’t have a beach, so let’s go to a bar” (In Portuguese this rhymes).  Bars are just the start of the amazing nightlife BH has to offer, have a peek below and I will show you my perfect night out:

First, we need to start in a bar!

To find your perfect bar there are 3 main streets you need to know about in BH.







  • Rua Pium-í ~620/1175
  • Rua Marília de Dirceu ~226 follow it until it turns into Rua São Paulo ~1984
  • Alameda Oscar Niemeyer, Vila da Serra, Nova Lima (it’s considered to be a different city, but is really BH for us)


In all these 3 streets you can just walk around and choose the one you like the most, they’re all nice and have traditional bar finger foods, drinks, beers. You may even stay there for the whole night!

Places to go OUT – OUT!

In BH we do have a lot of places to go out and dance the night away, here are some of my favourite places:









Brazilian Country Music. If you have not experienced it, you are missing out! We Brazilians go wild for it! If you fancy having a real night out like a local Observatório on a Tuesday/Friday night is the place to be! I can promise you good vibes all round!

If the music doesn’t take your breath away, the venue will. Observatorio is set on top of the hills of the valley where BH sits. You can dance the night away while the city lights act like stars beneath your feet.

Jack Rock Bar 


Jack Rock Bar and Lord Pub

Rock music more your thing?
Jack Rock Bar and Lord Pub are the main places to go in town. The amazing thing about these venues is you can go to both in one night and only pay entry for one!

Ask for a voucher when you pay your drinks bill and this will give you access to the 2nd club for free!  All you need to do is hop in a taxi (uber/cabify are available too!) and take a 5 – 10-minute journey to the next spot!

Make sure you check out their events on Facebook/Instagram before you go to see what bands are playing!

Lord Pub 


Lord Pub




Thursday night is Secreto night. You’ve probably guessed it already but secret translates to secret in English. Each party night is kept a surprise until you arrive through the door. The three things I can promise you is electronic music, beautiful people and an amazing night out.





Fancy something a bit different?




I love Experiment. It is the perfect place to taste new local artisanal beers, wine and food while listening to some great live music.




Set on every second Saturday of the month, Experimente is an open-air festival with a twist. To enter the festival you don’t purchase a ticket, you pay with food. Everyone that enters takes 1kg of non-perishable food such as beans, rice or dried milk. All of this food is then donated to charity to people who are hungry.

Places that hold parties eventually

Check out this home pages for specific parties they have all over the year. They always hold nice parties and you have to buy the tickets in advance, so check your agenda and check their schedule for some fun!

Top Tip:
Make sure you send a personal message on Facebook or Instagram for any of the clubs that you wish to go to. They will then pop your name on the list and you will get a discount entry!


 with love from



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