Five months since #FeedFriday

Belo became a reality after our Kickstarter campaign was successful in November 2018. It still hasn’t been a year since we started, and we have been so lucky to have been able to donate the equivalent of 281 plates of food to Casa De Maria. Maria and I are getting ready for our next Belo #FeedFriday. But before we get that in motion – we thought it would be important to show you what work has been done.

From Belo #FEEDFRIDAY Char and Maria with Dona Nilsa and one of the volunteers in Casa De Maria - Before the renovations. 

Maria Volunteering at Casa De Maria with Dona Nilsa

Prior to our first #FeedFriday – Dona Nilsa (the founder of Casa De Maria – AKA Superwoman) told us how she was struggling as there had been many floods during the summer months which had led to people breaking into the charity and stealing food. Due to the age of the building, rain damage and no funds to repair it – the charity building had become vulnerable to thieves. These thieves were jeopardising all of Dona Nilsa’s hard work and taking away resources for those who we desperate for them. Maria and I saw no point in buying food if it wasn’t going to go into the right mouths. But we had to do something to help. After discussions and agreement with our awesome Kickstarter funders we decided to use the same money that was dedicated to food to help Dona Nilsa secure her premises and used the remaining funds to provide food once the renovations had been completed.

Some of the plates of food cooked up using our donations. 

Casa De Maria - refurbishments courtesy  of FROM BELO British Brazilian hand bag company that feed goodness into the worldCasa De Maria - Before the Renovations.


The damage is clear from the rainfall at Casa De Maria.

Further Damage at Casa De Maria. 

During one of Maria’s sessions volunteering at Casa de Maria she caught up with the superwoman Dona Nilsa to find out how she felt about Belo’s contribution. Dona shared with Maria:

“Casa De Maria was closed because it was too damaged from the rain and the broken locks. With Belo’s money we have been able to secure the building and even refurbish indoors and even paint it. We are now back to being fully functioning and are able to feed approximately 250 people per day. Thank you for your help”  
- Dona Nilsa, 2018

Casa De Maria repaired and renewed. 

The kitchen ready to get the meals prepped and on their way to fill some hungry bellies. 

It makes us so proud that with the Belo community we have been able to make this haven safe again for Dona, the volunteers and those that use it. Thank you for everyone and their support. We can not wait for another #FeedFriday. 

With Love From, 

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