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Who made your bag? Meet our artisan Wartley.

We are celebrating our artisan Wartley! 

  Maria, Char and Wartley

You wear the stories of individuals. Every product you buy represents someone who has worked hard to create it. And at From Belo, we empower and appreciate every person that helps us turn our dream into reality. 

At From Belo, our products are meticulously handcrafted by our team of incredibly talented artisans from Maria’s hometown Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We are proud to have built a beautiful relationship with all of our employees and their families. We are just like a family, a From Belo family.
On September 20th, our beloved artisan Wartley will be 40 years old (woohoo!). We wanted you to celebrate this important milestone with us, so we are giving away a set of Jani Coasters made by him and his wife, Janilda.

Wartley and Janilda

Who is Wartley?

Wartley is a father of 2 young boys and 4 rescued puppies.
He learned how to weave from his grandmother as a young child. He used to weave for relaxation until he became redundant in 2016 during the Brazilian economic crisis. His hobby became his sole source of income. We were lucky enough to meet the talented Wartley and work with him to create our woven recycled fabric products such as the Nene Clutch, Lucia Tote, Cida Tote, and Coasters.

Come celebrate Wartley's birthday this week with us! Spend over £50 and we will give you one of our Zero Waste Jani coasters - made with the leftover fabrics of our production. 

Jani Coasters 

With love, 


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