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New Collection Alert: Celebrating Life Like a Brazilian!

Introducing the Frevo Collection: Fashioning kindness through color and joy.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in Brazil, we advise spending Carnival in Olinda. This colourful little town in the Northeast of Brazil is famous for one of the most exciting and energetic Carnival celebrations.


Photo taken by Liraby

How to define Olinda's Carnival?


Street party in Olinda

Giant-sized dolls, color, joyful music and most importantly Frevo.

Frevo is the high energy, traditional carnival dance of the Northeast of Brazil. Every dance member has an umbrella that showers the streets with a stream of bright colours and positivity. Carnival is at the heart and soul of Brazilian culture, and as a brand that is half Brazilian, it is so vital for From Belo to explore this heritage in our design. 


Frevo dancers - photo taken by André Nery

The 2020 carnival leaders in Olinda decided to use only recycled and reclaimed materials for their décor and floats. They also banned single used plastic and partnered up with Greenpeace to distribute confetti made from leaves and biodegradable glitter so that people could enjoy this popular and joyful party being kind to the environment. Because From Belo is a sustainable, ethical brand who re-incarnates materials to create our products, we thought this was something to celebrate ( to find out more about our materials, click here) And from that, the concept for the Frevo Collection was born. We wanted to create accessories fit for a celebration of colour, life and rejuvenation, just like the Frevo in Olinda’s carnival.


Frevo Umbrella - photo taken by André Nery

Inspired by the shape and the colourways of the Frevo's umbrella, we created beautiful accessories made from plastic bottles, decommissioned seatbelts and upcycled excess fabric from the fashion industry, all rescued from their destiny of landfill. We want everyone who wears our Frevo inspired collection to shower positivity, every time they wear the collection down the street. 

Every week for the next month, starting this Sunday, we will launch a new product from the Frevo Collection, but the first one of those beautiful bags is already on sale on our website: The award-nominated Helena Hobo Bag.


Here is a little sneak peek of the new From Belo Collection:


Fashioning kindness is at the heart of our company, the design of our new From Belo Collection encompasses the idea to pass on positivity to every person who makes, wears or even sees it, just like how the Frevo umbrella showers positivity on the streets during carnival.

We hope you love our new collection as much as we do 💙❤️💚💛

 With love, 


Char and Maria

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