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The Pinatex Best Green Handbag Award Winners

The Handbag Awards Pinatex Best Green Handbag 2019

Leka seatbelt Tote bag - from belo

We are so extremely excited to announce that our sustainable recycled Leka tote bag has been announced the winners of the 2019 Handbag Awards “The Pinatex Best Green Handbag”.

This sustainable handbag has been formed from 10 metres of decommissioned seatbelts, 10 plastic bottles and 600 grams of excess fabric/recycled cotton, which were all destined for landfill. We have refurbished them to give them a second life ready to be launched as our new collection.

Winning “The Pinatex Best Green Handbag” means that we have an incredible opportunity to collaborate with Pinatex and also gain business mentoring from such an incredible/innovative company. If you have not heard of Pinatex before, you are in for a treat! This company is a leader in sustainable and ethical textile production.

Who is Pinatex!?

Pinatex Pineapples - From Belo

Founded by an incredible woman Dr Carmen Hijosa. Pinatex is an incredible textile formed from pineapple leaf fibres leftover from pineapple farming. Every farmer turns the fibre into a mesh and then formed into a mesh. This mesh is collected from farmers in the Philippines and then transported to Spain for the finishing process.

This opportunity allows the Farmers to earn a second wage from what would traditionally be considered a waste product in pineapple farming. Usually, the farmers rely on 2 crops of pineapples a year to provide the income to support their needs.

Can you imagine the opportunities this extra income could create for these farmers, their families and the community!?

What is even more incredible is that these farmers have the opportunity to earn more money.  Each of the fibres leftover from Pinatex process is turned into biofuel or compost, which offers a further income to these farmers.

This single aspect of Pinatex allows economic growth to poorer communities. Something we absolutely love about this incredible company.

Not only are they ethical, but they are also an amazing environmentally responsible alternative to leather.

The other thing we love about this company is that they use no harmful chemicals in the process and minimal water use. Everything that isn’t used can be repurposed as compost or biofuel, how amazing is that? It shows the true circular formation of the business.

Pinatex is currently working on this format to ensure that every element of Pinatex is biodegradable which is a truly circular economy. This could be a revolution for the accessories industry, creating leather-like products that can easily biodegrade.

We are so honoured to work with such an innovative company which is working hard to be responsible.  Our dream of continually creating responsible ethical handbags that are feel-good handbags is just one step closer.

 We couldn’t have done this without the handbag fairy godmother – Thank you, Emily Blumenthal.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible insight of Emily Blumenthal who is the esteemed founder of The Handbag Awards aka the Handbag Fairy Godmother.

She has created the awards where we have been able to connect with incredible creative minds, leaders of the industry and enabled us to showcase our work.

Thank you, without you, we would not be where we are today.  Even being a finalist last year was incredible for our portfolio.  We cannot even imagine what winning would enable us to do.

Our creative juices are flowing. Being in New York is incredibly inspiring. We are now going to start working hard on our collaboration. We can not wait to show you our sustainable handbags and accessories we curate with the fabulous Pinatex.
Watch this space, we feel something beautiful From Belo Pinatex handbags and accessories is about to happen! 

Have a beautiful day,

With Love,

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