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The Power Of Your Purchase: Impact Update


“It's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” - Desmond Tutu

The volunteers from Casa de Maria with the From Belo products named after them 

This week, we have reached 2733 meals donated to our partner charity Casa de Maria.
We are so unbelievably excited to be so close to our midyear target of 3000 meals. We could not have done this without YOUR powerful purchases!

Why is YOUR purchase so Powerful?

We truly believe that small actions soon add up to powerful changes. The proof is in the positive impact we've created in the environment and the community of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
It is crucial to elevate the community where our accessories are made. To help a community to truly thrive, we need to break the circle of poverty by offering opportunities. At From Belo, we do this in two ways:

  • Creating luxury products that are meticulously handcrafted by incredible artisans that are respected with the dignity of fair wages that benefits themselves and their families.
  • Reinvesting back into their community by providing meals for the most vulnerable and in need via our partner charity Casa de Maria – who not only feed but provide education and a place to cleanse for the those in need.

What’s new with Casa de Maria?

Right now, unfortunately, the Covid-19 lockdown has been reinforced in Belo Horizonte, Brazil - the home of Maria, our artisans and our partner charity Casa de Maria. We had to organise the food drop remotely and celebrate it with lots of phone calls and happy dances.

Dona Nilza, Founder of Casa de Maria, has been giving us weekly updates on how the charity is getting on supporting the most vulnerable and in need, as well as the safety of the volunteers during these uncertain times. Unfortunately, tutoring has had to stop as the main buildings are not open to the 400+ service users due to the risk of the current pandemic. Meals are still being made with love and delivered to those in need safely. Everyone is maintaining high spirits and doing what they can to ensure that both volunteers and those receiving meals remain safe. We are so lucky to have such an incredible global community working hard together to change lives.

Thank you so everyone who has become part of the From Belo family working together to make Fashioning Kindness a reality.

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To find out more about Casa de Maria, read her interview here.

Wishing you all a beautiful day.

With love,

Char and Maria

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