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About Us

Recycled Plastic Bottle and Seatbelt handbags and accessories by From Belo that feed the homeless and in need


Carry Kindness With From Belo

Established in 2018, From Belo are ethically sustainable designer handbags and accessories brand.  Creating beautiful, innovative, multi-functional and convertible handbags for women for a modern-day lifestyle from recycled materials.

Our quest is to live more ethically, we found ourselves in search of the perfect handbag. We were looking for something beautiful, versatile enough to keep up with our busy lives, and most importantly environmentally friendly and socially responsible, but nothing fit the bill.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and From Belo was created.

Inspired by natural beauty, the global community and the unstoppable modern woman, From Belo’s mission is to feed goodness into the world.


Award Winning seatbelt handbags and accessories for women by from belo


Founders Maria, based in Brazil and Charlotte, based in the UK, knew it was time to turn their transpacific long-distance friendship, creative energy and desire to do good to create triple threat fashion accessories: beautiful, versatile and conscious with no compromise necessary.

The name From Belo originates from the home city of co-founding member Maria and our artisan workers, Belo Horizonte in Brazil. In Portuguese, Belo means beautiful. Beauty comes both from inside and out and our aim is creating a beautiful life for everyone around us. 

The hummingbird logo symbolizes the enjoyment of life and the lightness of being. 

The products in our accessories range have been thoughtfully designed and created with recycled materials such as fabric off cuts, decommissioned seat belts and plastic bottles. All of which have been saved from landfill to reduce waste. Find out more about our recycled and sustainable materials

From Belo bags are crafted and manufactured to the highest quality produced by our artisan workers in Brazil. We pride ourselves in giving ethical working conditions and fair wages to our amazing team. Find out more about our manufacturer and the team creating our amazing products.

As part of our work, it is important for us to support the communities that inspire us and support the making of our products. From Belo work with Casa De Maria, an organisation which helps feed the homeless and those in need in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. For every product sold in our collections, this will pay for 2 to 6 meals for the local community. Find out more about the cause.

Check out our collection of sustainable handbags and accessories and find the one that meets your needs.  For every product in the range signifies your donation value to our community and the reduction of waste to landfill.

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