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About Us

Welcome to From Belo.

We make bags and accessories that feed goodness into the world!



Who are we?

We are Charlotte and Maria. One was born and raised in the shires of the UK and the other in urban jungle of Brazil. We became inseparable since the day we met in 2006 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Even though for many years our lives took us into different paths, our transatlantic friendship only grew stronger.

From Belo Founders Maria and Char
Maria (left) and Char (right)
Turning our dream into a catalyst for good

From Belo was born in 2017 after we both worked with some of the most marginalised communities in South America. We felt the urge to start a business that would sustainably improve these communities through celebrating their traditional craftsmanship. But we had never realized how toxic the fashion industry was to people and the environment. We realized our mission of changing the lives of poor communities would have to go beyond by finding ways to manufacture products that do not harm their lives or the planet. From Belo was created to prove that kindness can be in every stich of a bag and that fashion can make positive change in the world.



Fashioning kindness


We aim to reframe the perception of luxury by designing beautiful and multi-functional handbags and accessories from landfill waste. These materials include plastic bottles, decommissioned seat belts, car seat material, fabric off cuts, tyre inner tubes and umbrella fabric – all sourced locally in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and handmade by a local team of talented artisans.

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Real beauty should never go to waste


recycled seatbelts turned into handbags

We had to rethink design and find materials and manufacturing processes that would be responsible and sustainable in the long run. That is how circular economy came into our business model. We realized we needed to emulate nature where nothing is lost and everything is fuel for a new life. With that in mind, landfill sites seemed to be a gold mine for us and we quickly found the perfect materials we could recycle and upcycle and create long lasting and versatile bags and accessories.

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Fairtrade should be the norm and not the exception


Our artisans are the heart of From Belo. They are a group of incredibly talented, creative and hard-working people that turn all of our crazy designs and ideas into reality. Our artisans work 40 hours per week in a well-ventilated and safe building, are paid a fair living wage including paid holiday, have health insurance and are unionised. They all have such inspiring personalities and stories so we decided to name our products after the artisan that creates them. It’s our way of honouring their work. This way we create a thriving work environment that offers our artisans a place to do what they love and make a living of it.

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Rising while lifting others


casa de maria volunteers

Every purchase reinvests straight back into the same community of artisans via key charities that really make a difference. Each product sold, donates meals to people in need via our partner charity called Casa de Maria and also sponsors, via another partner charity called Não era Amor , the training of psychologists who help low income women victims of domestic violence. Our charity partners are like family to us and we like to join them in delivering their mission and supporting them in the best way we can.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

With love,

Char and Maria