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Meet The EKO Collection Team

The Personalities Behind The EKO Products

Paying tribute to our amazing team of workers who make the From Belo collections adding a piece of their personality to each product.  Bringing you the EKO collection of sustainable designer handbags and accessories made from recycled seatbelts.  

Each product in the range has taken on the characteristics and personalities of our team.  Meet the From Belo team and find your Belo bag.

Meet Jurema (BlackJu Seat Belt Bucket Bag)

JuremaJurema is Dona Nilza’s, go-to lady. Nilza’s right hand has been part of the charity since it was born. She is the NGO does it all, and when Dona Nilza can’t make it, she assumes the role of Capitan. She has a huge heart and has been giving women in need of shelter by letting them stay in her house until they get back on their feet.

There is a Brazilian saying that goes “her house is like a mother's heart always fits one more”.

Our black Ju seat belt bucket bag solves all your daily clash dilemmas: can be worn 4 ways and surprisingly extremely spacious.


Meet Nilza (Black Seat Belt Tote Bag)

Dona Nilza with Nilza tote BagDona Nilza is the heart and soul behind Casa da Maria, a non-governmental organization that survives purely on donations. She is a strong, independent woman that is the pillar of her community. She has to houses that combined feed over 250 people a day. Her persistence and resilience are incredible. We want to name our strongest, largest and most practical bag after her, the Nilza Black seat belt tote bag


Meet Bombom (Seat Belt Clutch Bag)

BombomBom Bom is the cutest lady. Short but with a huge personality, she makes everyone smile. Casa de Maria official vegetal sorter and slicer,  she always cracks up a joke to keep everyone laughing throughout the shift.     We are naming our 4 in one bombom seat belt clutch bag after her because even though is a small item, it is actually a very good buy.

A versatile convertible clutch bag it can go from a clutch, to shoulder ( long or short handle), crossbody and bum bag (waist or across the torso). Basically is a 6 in 1 bag. 



 Meet Geraldo (Seat Belt Coin Purse)

GeraldoGeraldo is a pensioner that since retiring has been volunteering at Casa de Maria. He has a beautiful heart, apart from helping prepare and serves the food, as a retired accountant, he takes care of the NGO’s finances/books.  Due to the nature of working the books and dealing with the Casa's finances, we fittingly named the seat belt coin purse after him.


Meet Jonas (Black Seat Belt Bottle Holder)

JonasJonas is the do-it-all of Casa de Maria. From fixing and repairing the house, to driving everyone around. He is the life of the party. He has a loud personality and full of banter.   Jonas Gives everyone nicknames and doesn’t leave you alone until he sees you laughing. There is never a dull moment when you are with Jonas. A perfect fit to get the party started naming the seat belt bottle holder after Jonas.


Meet Cida (Black Woven Fabric Shopper Bag)

Cida Cida is responsible for organizing all food donations. She picks up all the food from supermarkets and food street markets. An amazing lady, with a huge heart. Never lets food run out and even in the toughest situations she makes sure there is food to serve. 

We are naming her after our black woven fabric shopper bag. A great shopping bag that can be worn in multiple ways, from leisure to work. 


Find your bag and join the From Belo Family!