Our Manufacturers

Our manufacturer is called Wilson. He lives in Maria’s hometown, Belo Horizonte. We’ve been very blessed to have someone that worked in the business for over 15 years to help our dream come true. Previously Wilson has worked for the biggest shoe, bag and accessories brand in Brazil. Cheap labour in China and Paraguay led to Wilson not being able to compete in price and afford the cost of living. He was then dismissed leading to his factory shutting down. He survived by opening a leather repair shop.

When we were looking for a manufacturer, many people recommended his leather handy work and skill. We met him and loved his work. We had to hire Wilson. Wilson has now set up a small team of talented workers including his wife and son. Every person involved with making BELO happen will only work in ethical conditions and be paid fair wages. This way you know your BELO is more than a brand. We are a family and we believe you have to look after your family.

with love from

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