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Our Materials

Sustainable and Recycled Materials

From Belo's aim is to minimize the effect we have on the environment. We consciously source sustainable and recycled materials for all our products.

We work closely with mechanic shops in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where we source decommissioned seatbelts.  These were soon to be relegated to landfill where it takes 200 to 400 years to decompose. Even worse, burnt.

Whilst these seatbelts were no longer suitable for use in vehicles, they were destined for bigger and better things. Having been cleansed, each seatbelt was given a new life as part of our gorgeous sustainable designer handbags and accessories.

And we didn’t stop there!

Our plastic bottle fabric is sourced from a local manufacturer that takes excess fabrics from the fashion industry.  This is then blended using heat with plastic bottles to make a new thread.  This thread is woven into the fabric we use for the lining.

The same principle goes for the recycled cotton fabric used as the main outer textile structure of this bag.  A local co-operative picks up excess fabrics, separates them into different colours.  They are then chopped up until they turn it back into fibres to make a brand new thread. The thread is woven into this beautiful fabric.

The beauty of both recycled fabrics is that there is no chemicals, water or CO2 emissions in the process them.  This is all certified by the European Commission EU Eco-Label.



Our packaging is made using certified organic cotton. 

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We want to leave the world a better place than when we found it. By reimagining one person’s trash into another’s treasure, we can start the change to make that happen.

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