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Sustainable Development Goals

How we are working towards a better world using the UN's guidelines

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a handbook on how we work towards fashioning kindness for people, the planet and the animals. We know this topic can be quite overwhelming so we have tried to break down the 12 of the 17 SDGs that we work towards to help us reach the end goal of a fair world for all that preserves the planet. If you want to find our more information on the other 5 goals please visit the UN SDGs official website.

The Goals we work towards are: 
No Poverty,    Zero Hunger,   Good Health and Well-being  Gender Equality, 
Decent Work and Economic Growth,  
 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure,
Reduce Inequalities,   Sustainable Cities and Communities,
Responsible consumption and Production,    Climate Change ,  
Life Below Water,  Life on Land
For more detail on how we tackle each of these goals have a scroll down below for each of the goals: 


Goal 1: No Poverty

This UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) aims to end extreme poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030. We believe that creating jobs which are well paid, dignified and environmentally responsible is the best way to tackle poverty.

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

At From Belo, we collaborate with marginalized communities in Brazil, maintaining our focus on kindness and sustainability. We have developed a value chain that provides economic opportunities that not only create jobs but has an environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing. To effectively raise the quality of life for everyone involved and sustain it, we need to ensure the environment is respected.

Click here to learn how we apply fairtrade to From Belo, click here to to learn more about our materials and click here to learn more about our partner charity. 


Goal 2: Zero Hunger 


This UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) aims to achieve global Zero Hunger by 2030. Food is our source for nutrients that provides the energy we require to keep warm, to repair and to fight off infection and essential for a life with no pain. We believe sustainable and social entrepreneurship is the way to provide a future that has zero hunger.

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

At From Belo, we believe that creating sustainable jobs that provide the dignity of fair wages is one way we can tackle hunger. Allowing families to have the finances to buy the food they need and to have excess that they can invest in their future. On our quest for zero hunger, we aim at building a business that is not only sustainable financially but also environmentally. For us to truly tackle hunger we need to respect the environment around us, especially where our community lives. Unsustainable ways of manufacturing could affect food crops and people's health through the release of harsh chemicals in nature.

Finally, we believe in investing into the community where we take. That is why we donate meals to those in need for every powerful purchase you make, so that those who are most vulnerable have the opportunity to have the energy to seize the day. Click here to learn more about Casa de Maria our partner charity. 


GOAL 3: Good Health and Wellbeing


This UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) aspires to ensure health and well-being for all, including improve mental health and a bold commitment to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other communicable diseases by 2030. We believe not only governments but also companies have the responsibility towards the physical and mental well-being of each employees. That is why is paramount for fashion brands to provide a safe, clean and supportive environment for its employees and also be diligent with their outsource factories.

At From Belo, we practice a hands on sustainable and social entrepreneurship which for us is an important tool to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being not only for our employees but also their community.


Goal 5: Gender Equality


This UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) sits close to our hearts. Gender equality is a human right! Being female business founders, we have come across many challenges to create From Belo that have been caused because of our gender. We believe that gender should not define the opportunities you are given in business or in life.


Empowering women through education, opportunities and equal pay for equal work, could narrow the poverty gap and also create a shift in our culture where men and women are seen as equals which could aid in lessening the rate of domestic abuse.

What are we doing to fulfill this goal?

As business owners, we choose to create a business that prioritises a future of equality, including equal opportunities for both men and women.

Click here to learn how we are not only empowering women in the workplace but how we are donating part of our profits to help work towards a better future for women in our community via our Amor cosmetics bag.


Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth


This UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) was set to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. This goal is the basis of why we dreamed up From Belo as a company that could change lives.


Providing sustainable work that pays the dignity of fair wages helps create stability and opportunity within communities, to re-invest in education, to be innovative and create economic growth. The work created needs to go beyond sustainability in the terms of longevity it needs to look after the community by being responsible for the environment also. We have seen in the recent year how irresponsible manufacturing has led to chemical disposal into the natural environment which impacts both food and water sources. Thus the local natural environment and local people health can be compromised, sometimes fatally.

What are we doing to fulfill this goal?

We believe that investing in the community goes beyond fair trade, we need to be responsible in the production process too. This is why we choose to work with materials that already exist and are considered waste rather than using virgin materials. This helps us clean up the planet while looking after the community, all while creating decent work that helps re-invest back into the community. This is what we call win-win!


Goal 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure


This UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is focussed on building resilient infrastructure, while promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.


Fashion is such an important way for many people to express their creativity and to express who they are. But more importantly fashion employs 1 out of 6 people in the world - making it a very powerful industry. Unfortunately this power if not used right like we have seen in many cases can have a huge environmental and social impact. Sustainable innovation is the future for fashion to maintain both people and planets health, the old ways of the fashion industry (e.g. modern slavery, use of toxic chemicals and single use approach) are just not acceptable anymore. We need to find a way to make fashion kind.


What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

We are passionate about learning how to repurpose materials destined for landfill. We don't believe in using virgin materials when there are other options out there, that already exist and are being wasted. This is why our products are made from repurposed materials.

We partner with universities, artisans and other companies/supplies to work on how to innovate waste material so that it can be recycled/upcycled into other products. This not only creates jobs, but also finds better ways to manufacture products that help clean up the planet, ways that are responsible with chemicals.  As we grow we want to continue to invest more into the research and innovation of materials and repurposing materials. 

Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities


This UN Sustainable Development Goal is focussed on reducing all inequalities within and among countries.


Everyone deserves equal opportunities for a better life and the right to feel worthy. We work towards making sustainable manufacturing possible for all small artisans and not something that can only be completed by those with lots of financial investment. For true development we have to all start somewhere and work together as a community to create a powerful change. 

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

  • We work with impoverished communities to help elevate them as we grow. We hire artisans based on their ability to produce incredible products and provide opportunities to develop.
  • We pay a fair wage reflective of their skillset and is not determined by their age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.
  • We work with co-operatives that impower their team members and that the roles issued are determined on skill levels/performance rather than any other factors.
  • We work together with our artisans to problem solve and offer a platform for recognition of their work within our brand.
  • Work with small artisans that may not be able to afford to work 100% sustainably but help give them the opportunity to by offering the tools and development needed. 

It is so important for us that every member is celebrated both financially and personally. Behind every item we wear there is a person that makes it, not just the designer or the founder of the company should be celebrated. Every team member should be celebrated, after all there is no “i” in team. Meet our team here. 


Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


This UN Sustainability Goal is focussed on making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 


City living is responsible globally for a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions as well as "waste materials". With the majority of people living within cities, including the bulk of marginalized communities we need to find a way to help these communities escape the circle of poverty and find a way to have a healthier lifestyle. Repurposing waste is one way we can help provide jobs, but even taking this waste away helps make cities a healthier place to live (e.g. some waste sites are the perfect breeding areas for disease or disease carriers such as mosquitos). 

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

  • Providing fair paid work opportunities to marginalised communities
  • Investing in repurposing waste and helping clean the local environment.
  • Providing education on how to repurpose waste within the community.
  • Re-investing directly back with every sale into the community by providing meals.
  • Investing and partnering with manufacturing companies local to our community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil that produce materials from waste products responsibly (ie. have Bcorp and EU Eco Label certification).
  • Investing in artisans and teams and co-operatives that can not afford certification but their work is aligned with our values.

We believe for cities and communities to be truly sustainable from an environmental sense we have to incorporate the whole community into the infrastructure where possible. This will make the future of sustainability accessible to all and in turn replace other jobs of non-sustainable sectors.


Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption


This UN sustainability Goal is aimed at ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.


We have finite natural resources and a lot of waste that has been produced from these resources already that are littering our planet. Many of the processing required to create our current fashion products are toxic and poisonous chemicals used in the process are often not processed properly - causing disease within humans and animals - sometimes even death. We need to find ways to show that fashion can be kind. 

What are we doing to fulfil this goal? 

  • Responsible production starts in the design room. We plan our collections looking at what already exists and making products which are functional and can be broken down and reused again once they life as an accessory has ended. This is a challenging process because working with refurbished materials, that weren't originally designed to be reworked into quality, timeless fashionable products is hard but when we create a design that works - it is the best feeling ever!
  • We aim on minimising our use of new materials where possible to help clean up the environment and also to reduce our demand as company to farm land.
  • We work hard to create a robust and quality product, but if any one of our customers has any issues with their product from a quality perspective, we are able to repair their product for them. Longevity of products is our aim and this is also incorporated in the versatility of the design.
  • We are working on the process now of the lifecycle of our products. Working with waste man made materials has made this a little bit more of a trickier process, but we love a challenge. Although this is a work in progress, we are 100% committed to this. 
  • We do not redye the refurbished materials and use the colours that already exist - do redye these materials we would have to use incredible harsh chemicals. 
  • We manufacture small runs of products so we never end up with waste products.
  • Our designs are aimed on being timeless, 


Goal 13: Climate Action


This UN Sustainability Goal is focussed on taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


Beauty never comes from pain.
For us this means pain to the people or animals or the planet. Fashion production We have to look after our world to ensure that we can maintain eco-diversity that is essential for all life to co-exist. 

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

  • We are working our hardest to create a company that is responsible to the environment by investing in circular economy.
  • Creating new products from waste materials that would otherwise break down as microplastics in the environment.
  • Educating the teams we work and clients on the importance of climate change as well as how to tackle it.
  • Providing fair work in the sustainable sector.
  • Responsible production - that minimises chemical use.
  • Investing in research and development little but often (we are only small but we dream big) to find better ways to manufacture and process materials in landfill. 

Our ripples may be small right now but we believe that every wave of change starts from small ripples.


Goal 14: Life Below Water


This UN Sustainability Goal is focussed on conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.


Looking after our waterways is essential for our planet’s survival.

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

  • We use natural detergents such as coconut soap to cleanse our refurbished materials such as seatbelts so we minimise the chemicals that are outputted into the water system. 
  • We are working towards making out water system circular - as we grow this is a priority investment.
  • Many of the other refurbished materials we use do not require water to process them.
  • We limit the amount of dye we use as the materials maintain their colour from their previous life and don’t require to be dyed further. If we do use dyes, they are naturally based so that if there is any run off it will not be toxic to waterways.
  • Using upcycled materials, particularly plastic based enables us to reduce the rate at which these materials would breakdown when left in landfill and facing natural weather conditions. We believe this helps reduce the rate of micro-plastics entering the environment and thus the natural water systems.


Goal 15: Life on Land


This UN Sustainability Goal is focussed on protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably managing forests, combating desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.


For humans, animals and the planet to live a healthy future we need biodiversity both on land and sea. Manufacturing using virgin materials such as materials that are mined, farmed or cultivated alongside use of toxic chemicals and creating products that can't naturally biodegrade - can lead to a lack of biodiversity that can crush ecosystems that help clean the air, provide food and help as barriers towards severe weather conditions. 

What are we doing to fulfil this goal?

By utilising materials that already exist and are destined for a life in landfill we are reducing the demand for virgin materials which are either harvested, mined for or cultivated. Thus this relieves the demand for land to be farmed. 

Recycling/Upcycling alongside designing products that are not only high quality but whose materials can be re-used is the way forward to help create a green economy, that can help restore natural bio-diverse habitats lost to farming. There is concern regarding job loss but the recycling and upcycling sector has the potential for a large future and can provide many job opportunities.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and find out what is important to us. If you want to keep up to date on the latest From Belo developments join our mailing list or follow our Instagram

Have a beautiful day, 

With love, 


Char and Maria