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test Our Materials

Recycled and Sustainable Materials 

From Belo's aim is to minimize the effect we have on the environment. We consciously source sustainable and recycled materials for all our products, many which have been rescued from landfill and through our products have been given a second life. 

We believe in transparency throughout our production line and also how we source materials. 

Our Mission:

“We create sophisticated fashion from reclaimed materials now lovingly re-imagined”

Our Vision:

"To elevate the human experience of kindness through sustainable, ethical fashion."


Our Materials

                  PLASTIC BOTTLES                                        SEAT BELTS                                


  CONSTRUCTION WOOD                         FABRIC OFF-CUTS       


 Why are sustainable Materials so important to us?


We believe that true beauty does not come from pain to the planet or the people. On the journey to create an accessory that is truly kind, we had to put our impact on the planet at the forefront of our design. We dedicated our time to learn how to refurbish decommissioned materials such as seat belts, plastic bottles, car seats and excess fabrics from the fashion industry, which were all destined for a life in landfill. Along this journey we wanted to minimise our impact of chemical and water usage, to ensure we were committed to doing our best to look after the people and the planet.




Why Landfill? It is estimated that the world generates just over 2 billion tonnes of waste that ends up in landfill every year. The growth of landfill sites have had severe social and ecological effects, including loss of habitats and release of toxic chemicals. Many of the materials that are disposed of into landfill could be refurbished into something new. This is so important as not only does it reduce landfill growth but also it will affect the need to use our finite virgin resources.


Find out more about each of our recycled and sustainable materials:


with love,

Char and Maria 


From Belo