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Electric Blue Geraldo Wallet
Electric Blue Geraldo Wallet
Electric Blue Geraldo Wallet

Electric Blue Geraldo Wallet

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Sustainable Wallet Made from Decommissioned Seat Belts

Our Geraldo wallet is everything you need to keep your pennies, cards and even your keys safe - just like Geraldo himself! Since he retired, former accountant Geraldo has been volunteering at Casa de Maria, not only helping to prepare and serve meals for those in need but also taking care of the accounts. In addition to donating a meal to Casa de Maria, the sustainable Geraldo wallet is crafted from decommissioned seatbelts and recycled plastic bottles, so it not only holds your change but makes a positive one too!

Meals donated to Casa de Maria for every Geraldo sold.



H: 10 cm x L: 14 cm  


      Made from decommissioned seatbelts that were soon to be relegated to landfill or burnt. And whilst these seatbelts were no longer suitable for use in vehicles, they were destined for bigger and better things. Having been cleansed and redyed using a natural dying process to give it back its sparkle, each seatbelt was given a new life as part of the products you see before you today. 


      Wrapped up and ready for you in the FROM BELO Packaging. 


      We deliver to all around the world!