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Our Cause

A simple thing like your birth country can determine what opportunities you get in life. Opportunities might just be as simple as healthcare, food or even schooling - things that I take for granted” - Char. 

We believe it is important to count our blessings, give back and try to empower those in need. In Brazil, it is common to see people begging for money to eat, especially children. At night, if you are at a bar, you will probably see kids trying to sell chewing gum and sweets to help their families to put food on the table. And we wanted to do something to change this. 


We decided to donate plates of food - 6 plates for every bag and 2 plates for every mini wallet - for every purchase made. The plates of food go to CASA DE MARIA, an organization created by an amazing woman called Dona Nilza. She is the pillar of her community, Belo Horizonte’s biggest slum: Cafezal. 

 The NGO helps the homeless and locals in need by filling empty stomachs, providing a place to cleanse themselves and haircuts to help tidy themselves up. CASA DE MARIA also provides literacy and tutoring programs to local residents and the homeless for free. This has helped many of the local residents and children pass their exams and apply for work. Dona Nilza welcomes everyone with warmth. She doesn't just look after their physical needs but also their emotional. Her aim is to support and strengthen every person so they can face their daily struggles head on. 

With Love